Buddy Healthcare heads to the market

Buddy Healthcare Ltd Oy heads to the market.

Buddy’s first product, BuddyCare, is a mobile application for children’s hospitals that connects families with hospitals around outpatient surgery. “BuddyCare has been extremely well received in the US and Finland where we are co-developing the product with children’s hospitals through pilot projects. In order to answer the urgent market need and to grow fast we established Buddy Healthcare,” says Jussi Määttä, CEO of the new company.

Hospitals today focus increasingly on patient experience while simultaneously care is being shifted from hospitals to homes. This poses challenges for hospitals; how to provide highest quality care, maintain control over recovery, get happier clients and operate cost efficiently all at the same time?

Patient21 answers these problems by offering e.g. automated communications and reminders, personalized care instructions and information as well as facilitated administration. The application helps families prepare for surgery at home, guides them trough the surgery day and ensures recovery and engagement after discharge.

“Buddy Healthcare is ready to grow with a great team in place. Our team has decades of experience working with identity and access management in the healthcare industry and has developed Patient21 from the beginning. We also have some fresh blood at Buddy bringing in expertise from technology start ups and the gaming industry.”

The first pilot projects are launching H1/2016 in the US and Finland.

“Buddy Healthcare wants to enable children’s wellbeing and happiness. We are starting with Patient21, but we are not stopping here. The health care industry is ready for some new winds enabled by new technologies.”