Full-stack Software Developer (Helsinki, Finland)



You have a chance to design tools that will be used in hospitals and clinics by healthcare professionals and patients. We will support you in building an understanding of the industry and the platform.



  • Finding solutions to difficult technical problems, architecture design and driving our back-end and/or front-end development forward.

  • Collaboration with product management team and designers to build new important features.

  • Assisting in developing our build processes to make deployment smoother and iteration faster.

  • Building and maintaining the technical platform to even better serve our diverse set of customers both in Finland and abroad.

  • Evaluating the best technical tools and frameworks for our future.

  • Ensuring high-quality product by actively increasing the level of test automation.

  • Ensuring staying compliant with different data security regulations globally (for example, EU, UK, North America and Australia), and constant improvement of safeguarding of patient's health data.



You should be either a proficient developer for back-end development in Python/Django or front-end development in Angular/HTML/CSS.

With one strong area, also depending on your skills and interest you will be involved working for example with the following type of areas and technologies:

  • Back-end development:
    • Python
    • Django
    • Restful JSON API (Django REST Framework)
    • PostgreSQL
    • RabbitMQ
  • Web front-end development:
    • Angular
    • Typescript
    • Javascript
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Restful JSON API
  • Analytics: 
    • Data anonymization and pseudonymization
    • SQL
    • Metabase
    • Countly
    • ETL and data pipelines e.g. Apache Airflow or similar
  • Infrastructure development:
    • Docker & Docker-Compose
    • AWS cloud services:
      • Lambda serverless
      • Fargate
      • S3
      • CloudFront
      • CloudWatch
    • Web application firewalls
    • API gateways (e.g. KongHQ)
    • Github Actions
    • Centralized logging with alerts and dashboards
  • DevOps:
    • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (e.g. Github Actions)
    • BDD & Gherkin
    • end-to-end test automation
    • Docker & Docker-Compose
    • DevSecOps
    • Github Actions


  • You have good written and spoken English skills. Finnish skills or other languages are a bonus, but not mandatory.
  • A clear communicator
  • Able to work with the team and independently.
  • We are expecting the person to be quality-oriented meaning producing minimal amount of bugs, documenting work, securing the code and generally attention to details.


We are as much interested in eager juniors as well as more experienced ones who are looking for new challenges.



Due to the regulatory and contractual compliance reasons, we will conduct a formal hiring process with the following phases:

  1. Shortlisting of the applications based on:
    • Proficiency in the required competency areas by the shown work experience, hobby projects, and education
    • Evaluation of the motivational statement of the applicant
  2. The shortlisted applicants are invited to the first round face-to-face interview with the following agenda:
    • Introduction of the company and job role to the applicant
    • Learn more about the applicant's wishes and motivations
    • Learn more about the applicant's technical skills and communicational style
  3. Document checks including:
    • Evaluation of the applicant’s work history - more relevant to applicants who have a longer work history
    • Evaluation of the applicant’s educational history - more relevant to applicants who have a shorter work history
  4. If there is a need to test more deeply the technical capabilities and motivation, more tests are conducted:
    • Test assignment that will be evaluated (approximately up to 8 hours of work)
    • Some other technical tests that will be scored (duration is approximately up to 8 hours)
  5. Background checks:
    • Reference calls (an applicant is asked to provide references who can tell more about the applicant’s previous performance)
    • A security clearance is done by The Finnish Security Intelligence Service (Supo).
  6. Hiring decision



laptop  Meaningful job in the field of health technology

software  No overwhelming amount of legacy code (we will be developing new microservices and try to keep up with the latest versions of libraries)

selective-1  A possibility to influence your working methods and the product development process

 backend  Your preferred set of working tools

work  Flexible working hours and a chance to work remotely occasionally

crm  We share an open and friendly atmosphere and work smoothly together as a team.

colleagues  Great and easy-going colleagues

help  Team support and a chance to develop your desired skills

coffee-cup  Tasty specialty coffees at cafeteria and lunch vouchers, have a gym, pool table, and console games in our office building.

microservice  A possibility to contribute some libraries as open-source, which are not our core product.

thesis2  (Optional extra) For persons who are finalizing their studies we can offer final thesis subjects

team  (Optional extra) Also, we have a vacancy open for a scrum master too.


Got interested and wish to hear a bit more? Please contact CTO Jukka Hassinen by calling +358407364090 or send a message via Signal to the same number.


We are kindly asking you to send your work history details (CV or resume or link to your LinkedIn profile) and possible Github profile to jobs+fullstack-2019-12@buddyhealthcare.com by the 7th of January 2020We are highly recommending to send your application as soon as possible as we are processing the applications as soon as we receive them, start conducting the interviews, and we are looking for making a hiring decision as soon as we find a suitable person. 

Read our Privacy Policy about job applications here.


Hopefully we will hear from you soon!




We at Buddy Healthcare are passionate about digitizing healthcare. We want to transform care coordination and provision in healthcare providers like hospitals and clinics by making care accessible and measurable for everyone, everywhere and any time.


Our solution, BuddyCare Platform, is supporting hospitals and clinics in automating and streamlining care processes and providing better patient outcomes. The Platform consists of an easy-to-follow mobile guidance app used by patients and a care dashboard used by healthcare professionals. The BuddyCare app helps the patients navigate throughout the whole care process from preparation to recovery, while the BuddyCare dashboard provides care personnel vital information about patient progress.


If you wish to get a better understanding of the Platform you will be working with, we recommend to watch the BuddyCare introduction video: https://www.buddyhealthcare.com/video or visit our website: www.buddyhealthcare.com


Our journey started in 2015 in Finland and since then we have been growing rapidly. Our office is located in “Silicon” Vallila area, Helsinki and we have diverse group of 15 talents working with us.

Buddy Healthcare developer team