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Telemedicine, patient engagement, Digital Patient Engagement

8 Strategies to Improve Patient Engagement

Patient engagement is essential to any regulated health service. The system of tools and practices designed to educate, assist and empower patients are both a means to ensuring...

perioperative care, digital health, preoperative anxiety, patient communication

How to reduce patients' preoperative anxiety through improved communication?

Postponing non-urgent surgical procedures has led to a significant backlog in elective surgeries. This has not only impacted the capacity of the surgical system, but now many...

Intelligent surgery care, telehealth solution, checklist, telemedicine solution

5 things to consider when selecting a telemedicine solution for your surgery department

Demand for telemedicine solutions has risen remarkably in 2020 due to the increased need for remote care and digitized patient communication. More and more hospitals have...

Patient Experience, endoscopy, eksote, digital patient education

Eksote Hospital District Magazine - A Patient Experience Story

South Karelia Social and Health Care District (Eksote), endoscopy care unit, streamlines patient care with the help of a mobile application. Anni Toikka is one satisfied mobile...

digital health, remote patient monitoring, care coordination platform, patient questionnaires collection

What Benefits Hospitals Experience with Care Coordination Platform?


Last week we published a blog on How do patients experience mobile app support. This week we will focus on sharing healthcare professionals' and hospital management's...

Patient Experience, digital health, Digital Patient Guidance, surgery guidance

How do patients experience mobile app guidance and support?

Have you used or considered using a mobile app to guide your patients? If yes, then you might be interested in reading what patients who have used an app value in it.  We would...

orthopedics, Icory Study, Digital Patient Journey Solution, Intelligent surgery care

Icory Clinical Study - Digital Patient Journey Solution for Patients

The Icory Clinical Study is using Buddy Healthcare's care coordination and patient engagement platform with joint replacement patients. Our blog article is based on...

PREMs, Patient-Reported Experiences Measures, PREM collection automation, telehealth

How to automate the collection of patient-reported experiences (PREMs)?

The collection of patient-reported experience Measures (PREMs) and patient-reported outcome Measures (PROMs) is an essential component of health services evaluations.As the...

breastfeeding care pathway, co-creation, breastfeeding guidance, app for mothers

How to guide breastfeeding mothers with a mobile app?

Co-creation project with OYS - breastfeeding care pathway