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Welcome to our new Head of Sales, DACH, Aron Ghebre-Michael

Aron Ghebre-Michael has joined Buddy Healthcare in Germany for the position of Head of Sales of the DACH region. He previously occupied a sales role in the digital health sector with Doctolib and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his new role at Buddy Healthcare.

As Head of Sales, Aron will be supporting German, Swiss and Austrian hospitals in the automation of their care coordination by delivering the BuddyCare Platform to surgical and other specialties. In his role, Aron will help hospitals in making pre- and postoperative care processes more efficient and speeding up elective surgeries.


We asked Aron a few questions:


What made you choose Buddy Healthcare?

From my prior experience at Doctolib, serving hospitals and bigger healthcare centers, I know how challenging and inefficient the existing structures of pre-surgical preparations and post-surgical care can be. Buddy Healthcare not only solves these challenges but also delivers value to its clients by enabling remote guidance for patients. This leads to better results, fewer complications, less clinic visits while also enabling outcome measurement and comparison. Additionally, I was very impressed by the leadership team and the excellent people at Buddy Healthcare. I am convinced that we will be successful with our mission to revolutionize pre- and post-surgical processes and experiences.


What are you passionate about?

In my work life I am passionate about helping my clients and prospects to utilize and incorporate digital solutions in order to create a health care system that better serves patients' needs and minimizes inefficiencies and obstacles for health care providers.


What are you most looking forward to in the coming year with Buddy?

To be part of this great team and to help position Buddy Healthcare as the No. 1 provider for digital care pathway management in the DACH region and Europe.


Please welcome Aron to our team!


Learn more about the BuddyCare Platform.



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