Buddy Healthcare is launching an integrated care pathway in a strategic partnership with KARL STORZ in Germany

Buddy Healthcare and KARL STORZ have joined forces in a strategic partnership. The goal of this cooperation is to extend added value to digital care pathways. Fully digitized and automated patient care pathways provide high-quality and modern clinical workflow management to help clinics in improving patient outcomes and optimize clinical processes. The partnership covers Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, with an initial rollout in Germany.

Buddy Healthcare’s BuddyCare platform focuses on the pre-and post-operative care process, while KARL STORZ’s SCENARA® focuses on managing the intraoperative workflow. The BuddyCare platform provides clinics with enhanced capabilities to automate and speed up patients' care process from surgical indication at the beginning of their surgical care pathway all the way to recovery. All of this is done remotely.

The BuddyCare care coordination platform takes care of the patients while they are not on clinical premises. Patients are educated and guided through their entire care pathway by using the BuddyCare app, which provides them 24/7 access to the right information at the right time. The app also lets patients digitally submit medical forms or questionnaires and contact the hospital directly through a secure two-way communication channel.

The SCENARA® OR Pathway Management provides an optimal overview of activities in and around the operating room. Information about the occupancy status of each operating room (OR), upcoming tasks, and the actual status of procedures is made available in real-time ensuring that necessary tasks are processed at the right time at the right place. 

“Germany invests a lot in the digitization of hospitals, opening up many opportunities for Buddy Healthcare. KARL STORZ is a known and trusted German medical device and hospital software provider and a highly respected family-owned company. Together we can bring a unique and integrated solution to the market to support the surgery patients’ care coordination and guidance process. This speeds up our expansion in the DACH market. “, Jussi Määttä, CEO of Buddy Healthcare

The strategic partnership helps both Buddy Healthcare and KARL STORZ to support the complete and seamless care pathway from early-stage diagnosis/referral to end of therapy/recovery.