Our mission

Buddy Healthcare helps implement the best possible care pathways and forms an effortless communication link between home and hospital. 

We are recognised as the global technology healthcare partner of choice, enabling healthcare providers to deliver outstanding care and experience for their patients.

Buddy Healthcare, your partner in the new world of digital healthcare

Buddy Healthcare is transforming the delivery of healthcare in a digital age.

We’ve been at the forefront of implementing progressive digital care pathways, such as perioperative pathways in Northern Europe and Germany, since we were established in 2016, and we’re now the catalyst for the transformation of both patient and clinician experience in the UK.

We’re at the heart of empowering healthcare providers to improve patient care today and tomorrow, and we’re working with a growing number of UK-based NHS Health Trusts and Boards. We’re transforming how they work and communicate, automating manual and resource-heavy care coordination processes that have been largely untouched for years.

We’re doing it by implementing the best possible digitised care pathways, forming an effortless communication link between home and hospital. And that means maximising every single interaction.

It’s why we’re recognised as the global technology healthcare partner of choice, enabling providers to deliver outstanding care and experience for their patients and facilitating efficiencies within clinical environments.

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Our Values

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We help people. 


The individual and their well-being is the most important thing for us. Digitalisation helps us reach our goals, making a real-life impact.

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We are close.


We give everyone a genuine chance to be heard, with time to listen. We take no one for granted and respect each other as equals. Any time someone needs help, we are there for them.

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We keep our promises.


Doing our job properly is a matter of honour for us. We are ambitious professionals and we know that the best results are achieved through teamwork.

Our Promise

We give you more time. 

Providing the best possible care takes time. We are here to listen. 

Solutions and genuine caring. This is why BuddyCare, the leading care coordination software and service, was created.


Tight schedules and low resources make it challenging to provide care for each individual patient, even though that is exactly what patients need – time and attention. The feeling that they are being cared for.

In the very early stages of our company, we developed the service from the viewpoint of the patient. We carefully researched what the patients want and what worries them. What kinds of emotions stir within. We have also come to see through our experience how hospitals often communicate in ways that are too complex, sterile, and old-fashioned for the patient.

We have the most extensive understanding on the needs of the nurses and different systems in hospitals. We have raised our level of understanding through sitting down with both nurses and hospital management. We do not take anything or anyone for granted.

We provide more time inside the working day by forming a link between the hospital and the patient. We make sure that implementing and using our service is as easy as possible. We are there to support our customers and help implement the best care pathways.

We think that there are no dumb questions, only important ones.