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TAUH Valkeakoski Hospital identified that their ENT outpatient surgery process had room for improvement ranging all the way from inviting the patient to the procedure of admitting the patient home after the procedure. The majority of the tasks and phases around the procedure were inefficient and current technological solutions and capability were not exploited. For example, reaching patients by phone was getting day by day more difficult as the surgery unit is only open during working hours, and patients cannot be easily reached during this time period.

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Telemedicine platform case study in Tampere University Hospital in Otorhinolaryngology /ENT (ear, nose, throat) department..
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Video Testimonials

Tays Valkeakoski Hospital

Jaana Norrbacka
Head Nurse
TAYS Valkeakoski  (ENT Department in Tampere University Hospital)

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Mikko Manninen
Head Clinician Orthopaedics

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”The app relieves tension and uncertainty before the surgery.” 

  – Patient


”We found BuddyCare useful and colleagues can now see the inevitability of our direction of travel. "

– Medical Director, NHS Lanarkshire


”This is clearly the best health IT system I’ve ever seen.” 

  – Head Anesthesiologist, Central Hospital of Kanta-Häme


”We’ve been able to focus on patients instead of phone calls.” 

  – Head Nurse, Oulu University Hospital