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TAUH Valkeakoski Hospital was looking for improving ENT outpatient surgery process had room for improvement ranging from inviting the patient to the procedure of admitting the patient home after the procedure.

Read more about the pre-operative results:

  • 50% more patients in one day
  • 80% time reduction per patient
  • 98% fewer phone calls

4,6/5 average patients likeliness score to recommend the app to other patients


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Telemedicine platform case study in Tampere University Hospital in Otorhinolaryngology /ENT (ear, nose, throat) department..
UKSH Pain Day Clinic patients use the PainCoach App from home or on the go. Patients can actively participate in their own care and treatment and receive easy-to-understand, timed instructions, and support throughout the process. All important information, videos and documents are available around the clock in one place.

The UKSH Pain Clinic’s care personnel follows the patients’ progress on their care pathways by monitoring the dashboard. The web-based dashboard is a useful tool for collecting all necessary patient data, forms and feedback. The progress and activity of the patient can be monitored by the treatment team at any time via the dashboard. 

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UKSH Pain Clinic Telemedicine Case Example

Patients undergoing cholecystectomy, cancer excision, hernia repair, hip/knee replacement, and hysterectomy surgeries have now support and consultation through the app. Meanwhile nurses monitor patients remotely and provide personalized care through the care personnel dashboard. 

  • In the preoperative phase, the app provides information packages and digitized pre-questionnaires.

  • In the postoperative phase, the app provides all necessary instructions such as surgical wound instructions, common symptoms list, returning to work, when to call the hospital.

    Additionally, the app features a pain meter, pain medication questionnaires, secure messaging, outtake assessments and automated reminders

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    Download Case Example

Goldfinch Health enhanced recovery after surgery case example

Satakunta Central Hospital uses the BuddyCare Platform for digital patient engagement, care coordination automation, Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs) and Patient-Reported Experiences collection and remote patient monitoring.

The hospital has expanded the use of the platform across all surgical specialties and physiatry. The following departments now use the platform:

  • Ear, nose and throat surgeries
  • Gastrointestinal surgeries /Obesity surgery
  • Orthopedic surgeries
  • Pediatric surgeries
  • Physiatry
  • Plastic surgeries
  • Urology
  • Vascular surgeries

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    Download Case Example
Satakunta Central Hospital Case Example
Orton partnered with Buddy Healthcare in 2017.
  • The goal of the collaboration was to digitize orthopedic patients' communication, improve patient satisfaction, measure satisfaction through the platform, and improve operational efficiencies by eliminating unnecessary post-op visits and phone calls.

    The Case Study present following results:

    ewer post-operative visits
    Two phone calls fewer per patient with the digitally engaged patients
    89% App download rate
    4,5/5 patients rating of the digitized care pathways

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Orton orthopedic digital patient engagement case study


In October of 2020 Turku University Hospital's (Tyks) Psychiatric Neuromodulation Unit started using the BuddyCare Platform for digital patient engagement, automated patient support and data collection.

Patients receive all care-related information, instructions, reminders and maintenance treatment through the BuddyCare mobile application.

The Platform automatically collects pre-assessment forms and questionnaires and provides the data to the care personnel without the personnel having the need to contact the patients' manually through previously used traditional channels.

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Digital psychiatry patient engagement case example

Video Testimonials

Tampere University Hospital, Valkeakoski

Jaana Norrbacka
Head Nurse
TAYS Valkeakoski  (ENT Department in Tampere University Hospital)

Subtitles available in English, Finnish and German (click CC button to change the language)

Orton, private hospital

Mikko Manninen
Head Clinician Orthopaedics

Subtitles available in English and Finnish  (click CC button to change the language)


”The app relieves tension and uncertainty before the surgery.” 

  – Patient


”This is clearly the best health IT system I’ve ever seen.” 

  – Head Anesthesiologist, Central Hospital of Kanta-Häme


”We’ve been able to focus on patients instead of phone calls.” 

  – Head Nurse, Oulu University Hospital  

“The two weeks after surgery are crucial in patient communication when our nurse needs to be able to monitor, support and
guide patients with pain medication use, and avoid complications causing costly readmissions and unnecessarily-long recovery.
The mobile app has been a great way to collect information/data and provide postoperative consultation to the patients.”

– CEO, The USA

“The automated instructions and patient reminders make it easier for the patient to prepare for surgery, and they have reduced our last-minute cancellations.
 In the post-op phase, the patient can send an image of the surgery wound for our surgery team through a secure messaging feature, and we can assess the healing remotely, thus reducing unnecessary post-operative visits to the hospital.”

Day Surgery Nurse, Central Hospital