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The BuddyCare Platform is used by leading university hospitals, central hospitals and private hospitals in Europe.

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Our clients and partners include innovative hospitals, healthcare providers, and organisations that are or aim to be frontrunners in healthcare digitalisation.

They’ve already recognised Buddy Healthcare as their technology healthcare partner of choice. Together, we’ve successfully automated their care coordination processes with the high care provider and patient satisfaction rates.

Most of our clients have started digitising one medical speciality’s patients’ care pathway. Others have expanded our scalable platform to many other areas and today, we already cover 25 different medical specialities.


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Case studies and customer stories

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Elsie clinical dashboard 2 Buddy MED-2
How NHS Lanarkshire optimised patient flow and filled surgical slots through its new electronic pre-operative assessment process Key results:
  • 45% fewer preop visits
  • 89% of the patients didn't need to contact clinic before surgery
  • 91% of the patients recommended the app

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Day Surgery unit head nurse Jaana Norrbacka
How a digitised perioperative pathway allowed Tampere University Hospital to manage 50% more ENT patients preoperatively Key results:
  • 98% reduction in phone calls
  • 50% increase in daily management of patients
  • 1h+ Preoperative time saved per patient

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Older lady using an app  Orton
How Orton hospital reduced its orthopaedic patients’ post-operative visits by 20% and increased PROMs response rates Key results:
  • 20% fewer post-operative visits
  • 2 phone calls fewer per patient with the digitally engaged patients
  • 90 % PRO questionnaire response rate

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Dashboard Kymen HVA-1
How cardiology unit saves one hour with patients before cardioversion with Buddy Healthcare "We are very pleased with the efficiency of Buddy Healthcare's platform. Our new care coordination process saves around sixty minutes of nurses' time per patient before cardioversion by providing automated guidance and capturing data such as pre-assessment forms through the care coordination platform. We have significantly reduced phone calls and eliminated the need to print and mail letters to patients who use the app."

Nurse and project coordinator, Hanna Hovi

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Sydänsairaala remote care-1
How Heart Hospital automated coronary artery disease care pathway with Buddy Healthcare’s platform

Buddy Healthcare has partnered with Heart Hospital, owned by three wellbeing services counties. The collaboration commenced in September 2022, with the goal of standardising patient care coordination across Heart Hospital units for patients preparing for angiography and progressing to the coronary artery disease (CAD) follow-up and remote care process.

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UKSH Paincoach app
How a German university hospital used the BuddyCare platform to optimise Pain Clinic’s care coordination Parents received all information, instructions, weekly training material/exercises, and questionnaires through the hospital-branded mobile app in a digital format. Care personnel used a clinical dashboard to visualise gathered information and for two-way communications with patients.

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paediatric surgery unit bear-1
How Helsinki University hospital digitised paediatric cardiology care pathways Automated and digital care pathways not only modernised and sped up patient communication but also reduced administrative work and helped in identifying potential Did Not Attends or patients /families who need extra support.

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Elsie clinical dashboard
Estonian university hospital enables cardiac heart disease rehabilitation remotely with the BuddyCare platform

"This project gives us answers on how to make the current process of rehabilitation treatment for heart patients and the entire care journey more efficient for patients, healthcare professionals and the organisation providing healthcare services."

- Dr Rein Kuik, Clinical lead of the Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic

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Psychiatric Nurse using care coordination platform
Turku University Hospital's psychiatric unit implements the BuddyCare Platform for digital patient engagement

Psychiatric neuromodulation care pathways:

  • tDCS (transcranial Direct Current Stimulation)
  • ECT (Electroconvulsive therapy)
  • rTMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation)
  • Ketamine Infusion Therapy

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Siunsote cardiology patient using an app-3
Wellbeing services county of North Karelia offers digitised care pathways to coronary artery disease patients

North Karelia Central Hospital’s Heart Center has started using Buddy Healthcare’s care coordination platform and launched Finland’s first digitised care pathway for coronary artery disease patients.

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Video Testimonials

Tampere University Hospital, Valkeakoski

Jaana Norrbacka
Head Nurse
TAYS Valkeakoski  (ENT Department in Tampere University Hospital)

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Orton hospital

Mikko Manninen
Head Clinician Orthopaedics

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