Our annual 2022 customer days and some customer survey results

Last week, Buddy Healthcare held its annual customer event for the 4th time. This year we had nearly 50 customers joining us live at our event in Helsinki.

We spent two inspiring days with our home-market customers, learning best practices from each other. We heard very interesting customer speeches about how hospitals have implemented digital care pathways and automated their care personnel care coordination work. Our speakers presented digitised care processes covering the following topics and medical specialisms: plastic surgery, hand surgery, paediatric ENT, ENT, short-stay surgery and diabetes.

Throughout the days, our customers also covered insights on how they have scaled the BuddyCare care coordination platform inside a hospital to cover all surgery units and beyond. We also learned what benefits or challenges our users have experienced with it in daily work. Also, our customers got a glimpse of some data on the economic impact of the BuddyCare platform with different scenarios (number of patients assigned to a digital care pathway).

From the technical perspective, the participants increased their understanding of integrations and information management. What is required to make a successful integration and why is proper planning with all relevant stakeholders needed before implementation. Overall we had excellent speakers and topics in 2022 and learned much from each other.

Customer feedback survey results - key numbers

During the event, we also had a session where our participants, who are BuddyCare platform users, filled out the customer feedback surveys. We are pleased to share the results and want to publish some survey findings here.

We asked what are the top three benefits of the BuddyCare in an open question format, and here you can find the most commonly given spontaneous answers:

  • 70% of our users said that the BuddyCare platform increased hospital care coordination efficiency by reducing time spent on manual care coordination. Most respondents said they experienced a remarkable reduction in patient phone calls and mailings after implementing our platform.

  • 67% felt their hospitals now offer their patients modern, faster and more engaging patient services and care coordination support. Digitised patient communication through the app provides patients with clarity of the care process and consistent quality standardising the care pathway. The platform ensures that instructions delivery is timed and all relevant care-related materials can be found in one location (app).

  • One of the top three benefits was also flexibility. Many respondents said that automated care coordination and digital patient guidance give daily work flexibility, making time management more effortless. When all digitally guided patients receive automated and timed guidance, such as care material, appointment/procedure-related delivery, and pre-operative assessment collection, there are fewer phone calls. That frees nurses time to focus on the patients who need more support, and patient messages can be answered at the optimal time of the day.

What about digital patient engagement and willingness to recommend BuddyCare?

  • 78% said they felt patients who used the BuddyCare or own-hospital branded white label app were more engaged. That was followed by 15% who said maybe or did not know and only 7% did not consider digitally supported patients more engaged than traditionally (paper and phone) supported.

  • 98% of the BuddyCare platform users said they would recommend the BuddyCare care coordination platform to other hospitals, and only 2% were still determining whether they would recommend it.

  • 98% said that they wish BuddyCare software would also be part of their clinic in the future, and 2% were still determining whether to stick to automated care coordination.
We are delighted to see such positive responses and hear that our partner hospitals have been able to automate their care coordination processes, which has clearly helped them to reduce manual work.

While improving clinic efficiency, our partner hospitals offer faster, standardised and more engaging digital-age services and communication to their patients to improve their experience. We are incredibly proud and happy to support our clients in care pathway digitalisation and care coordination automation. This is the core of value-based care, which gives patients more value and efficiency to the care providers. 

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