Customer conference 2023: Best practices and survey insights

Buddy Healthcare's annual customer conference, held on November 2nd and 3rd, saw an impressive turnout, with over 60 customers and several Finnish and UK team members in attendance. The diverse group included nurses, care/appointment schedulers, head nurses, doctors, and IT/Digital transformation professionals from Finland, all active users of Buddy Healthcare's care coordination platform.

Insightful speeches sharing best practices using the care coordination platform

The conference featured engaging speeches from customers and partners, covering various crucial topics relevant to healthcare professionals. Discussions ranged from implementing digital care coordination across various medical specialities to sharing best practices in orthopaedics, cardiology, ENT, and dermatology. Attendees also delved into real-world examples highlighting the economic effectiveness of digital care coordination and explored the implemented integrations of the platform with other hospital softwares, including EHRs and patient portals.

Customer survey reveals impressive NPS Score (80) for Buddy Healthcare

One of the post-conference highlights was the unveiling the results from a comprehensive customer survey conducted during the event. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) stood at an outstanding 80, surpassing the B2B Software & SaaS NPS average of 41. This exceptional score underscores the satisfaction and loyalty of Buddy Healthcare's user base and the customer satisfaction of Buddy Healthare's customer success team's help in the platform deployment phase and ongoing support.

Most respondents reported that their work has become more manageable through the platform, patients are better prepared and satisfied with digitised care coordination, and Buddy Healthcare’s customer success team has consistently excelled in the implementation process, providing professional change management consultation. 

How do customers view Buddy Healthcare?

The survey revealed that most respondents viewed Buddy Healthcare as a trusted partner in digitising care pathways and automating care coordination.
An impressive 87% expressed that the company's efforts in helping healthcare digitise and become more efficient were commendable.

Furthermore, 83% felt that Buddy Healthcare's team, particularly the customer success team, was consistently close and responsive to their needs.  

Real-world benefits of the care coordination platform

When asked about the benefits of the care coordination platform, users reported:

  • Substantial time savings, with 79% noting a reduction in phone calls and 76% experiencing a decrease in printing and mailing.

  •  71% expressed that the digitised care pathways are modern, standardised and provide equal quality of care pathways for patients.

  • More than half of the respondents observed that patients were better prepared, work had become more efficient, and time management had improved.

Addressing key challenges such as healthcare staff shortage and cutting costs 

The survey also explored the users' beliefs regarding the potential of automated and digital care coordination in addressing major healthcare challenges.

  • An overwhelming 83% believed that the platform could support nursing and healthcare shortage, adding efficiency to the process.

  • Additionally, 89% saw potential in cutting healthcare expenses through economically effective digital care coordination.

  • More than half believed it reduced waiting lists by reducing appointments, finding new patients to replace cancelled appointments, etc.

Validating digital care coordination being economically effective with research

The conference also highlighted the findings from Mari Alén's Master's thesis, which concluded that Buddy Healthcare's care coordination platform is both cost-effective and operationally efficient. The platform significantly reduced the costs of care pathways by minimising, for example, the number of nurses' appointments and speeding up the care coordination process with a digital tool. You can find our white paper summarising the Master's Thesis here

In summary, Buddy Healthcare's annual customer conference proved to be a resounding success, showcasing the platform's impact on healthcare efficiency, cost reduction, and addressing critical challenges faced by healthcare.

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