Reduce administrative burden and improve patient experience and outcomes

the patient receives information, pre-surgery checklists, automatic reminders, and PROM questionnaires through a mobile app

Pre-Surgery: Care-related education and all instructions on an interactive timeline

Patient education

The interactive timeline in the BuddyCare app provides patients with instructions precisely when they need them. The chronological order of events makes it easy for patients to follow everything that needs to be completed throughout the process. 

patients fill anesthesia pre-questionnaires through mobile app and hospitals can read it in remote patient monitoring platform

Pre-Surgery: Fills in anesthesia pre-questionnaire

All care-related forms and questionnaires

Patients may easily fill forms, such as anesthesia pre-questionnaire, in the app and submit them to the clinic through a secure channel. Care personnel is notified about answers needing attention and patient informed about form approval.

Pre-Surgery: a patient receives automatic reminders to the app when to stop eating, drinking and medications

Pre-Surgery: Reminders when to stop eating, drinking and medications

Vital instructions sent as automatic reminders

Patients will receive automatic notifications about vital preparation tasks such as when to stop eating, drinking and certain medications before surgery. Care personnel can easily identify patients who may have issues with the tasks.

post-surgery: BuddyCare platform supports early mobilization after surgery and enhanced recovery after surgery ERAS

Post-Surgery: Early mobilization after the surgery

Post-surgery instructions followed right away after surgery

BuddyCare implements the principles of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocols to enhance early mobilization after surgery. BuddyCare contributes to help run things as “normal” as possible before and after the procedure.

Post-surgery: patients receive post-surgery exercises to their mobile app

Post-Surgery: Education and Videos to stay on track with the recovery plan

Enhancing rapid recovery after surgery

Patients are instructed with physiotherapy exercises, wound care instructions and list of medications after surgery. Interactive timeline allows care personnel to monitor if post-operative instructions have been followed or not.

Healthcare professionals collect patient-reported outcomes PROMs and patient-reported experience measures PREMs with BuddyCare

Post-Surgery: Post-operative surveys and scorecards

Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) and Patient-Reported Experience Measures (PREMs)

The BuddyCare App allows care personnel to monitor recovery progress after surgery through various PROMs, PREMs and QoL questionnaires. Data submitted by patients is visualized and categorized in the BuddyCare Dashboard for easy follow up.

BuddyCare Platform is CE certified, HIPAA compliant and can be customized for each hospital
Brand application with your own logos and colors
BuddyCare App is CE and HIPAA covered

The complete digital solution customized just for your needs

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