Transform your care pathways

  • Hospitals
    Hospitals can reduce waiting lists, increase capacity, and increase clinician productivity from pre-operative assessment to post-discharge.
  • Patient
    Patients benefit by being better informed, more involved, more confident, better prepared, and achieving better surgical outcomes.
Fewer no-shows and cancellations
Fewer pre-op appointments
Fewer phone calls
Cut cancellations and no-shows
Increase daily patient management
1 hour
Save per patient pre-operatively
Save per patient pre-operatively

Bringing patients and hospitals closer together

Eliminate administrative overload

Using our care coordination platform, clinical teams can manage 50% more patients pre-operatively. Patients won’t have to come in for unnecessary visits, as staff can manage them remotely through a single web-based dashboard. Buddy Healthcare even integrates with your existing software to offer a seamless experience.

Patient communication and data capture - including pre-operative assessment and PROMs and PREMs collection - is automated.

Remove phone calls & follow-ups

Alleviate the need for clinical staff to see patients in-person to collect data or to check their health status. Nor will staff need to make countless time-consuming phone calls to follow patients through their treatment plans.

Instead, our platform enables clinical teams to communicate with patients via two-way messaging. 

Monitor & manage patients remotely with a single view

Enable virtual wards by remotely monitoring patients’ conditions and helping them recover. This empowers hospitals using the Buddy Healthcare platform to cut postoperative visits by 20%.

Industry approval (Internal survey)
Patient recommended (UK data)

Embrace NHS-proven technology

Solve the inefficiencies of old-fashioned hospital administration with Buddy Healthcare. NHS hospitals can cut waiting times, improve patient satisfaction, and reduce staff workload through the Buddy Healthcare care coordination platform.
Traditional Hospital Administration
  • Countless hours spent on tedious administrative tasks
  • Doctors and nurses distracted with calls and unnecessary follow-ups
  • This administrative workload gives care providers less time for vital appointments
  • Extremely long patient waiting lists
  • Patients don’t understand or remember their treatment plans
  • Late cancellations or DNAs lead to unfilled appointment slots
Access Buddy Healthcare’s solutions
  • Buddy Healthcare automates many administrative tasks in a way patients love
  • Doctors and nurses don’t have to call or see patients to check on their health
  • Care providers will be able to see more patients without working more hours
  • Hospitals can see up to 50% more patients
  • Patients can read their treatment plan through the app, complete with texts and videos
  • Using the Buddy Healthcare dashboard, staff can find patients to fill empty slots

Transform your hospital’s administrative workflow


Cut administrative costs

Reduce administrative costs substantially with our care coordination platform. Save up to £67 per patient pre-operatively with Buddy Healthcare.

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Transform your hospital’s administrative workflow
Transform your hospital’s administrative workflow

Shorten elective care backlog

Cut patient waiting lists with our care coordination platform. Buddy Healthcare enables hospitals to:

  • Reduce cancellations
  • Slash readmissions
  • Discharge patients earlier

Buddy Healthcare also saves hospitals time and money. Our care coordination platform could eliminate over 2 million hours of unnecessary work and save the NHS over £70 million. (source)

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Improve patient and clinical staff satisfaction

Reduce administrative costs substantially with our care coordination platform. Save up to £67 per patient pre-operatively with Buddy Healthcare.

  • 98% of clinical users recommend Buddy Healthcare
  • 92% recommendation rate from UK patients
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Transform your hospital’s administrative workflow
Implemented at leading European hospitals
Our customer base includes some of the best hospitals and healthcare organisations on the continent and a growing number of NHS trusts and boards. 
BuddyHealth implemented at leading European hospitals BuddyHealth implemented at leading European hospitals

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How hospitals save money
and time with Buddy Healthcare

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Our white paper shows that hospitals can save £38-£67 per patient pre-operatively.

100% approval rating among healthcare professionals

"We can now focus appointments on the patients who may be at higher risk of complications. This allows us to address health issues before their operation, making surgery safer, which should help to reduce short-notice cancellations"

"Easily the biggest innovation we have seen in the last twenty years."

"The automated instructions and patient reminders make it easier for the patient to prepare for surgery, and they have reduced our last-minute cancellations."

"It's much easier to have a digital platform where we can update the changes whenever we want, and the changes are available for everyone. It's quick, handy, and reduces work, cost, and materials."
"I believe that, during the next year, the system will prove to be so good that we will continue using Buddy Healthcare's platform."

“Our phone calls with patients have decreased, work has speeded up, and we can now choose flexibly when to fill in, e.g. Periop data from the pre-assessment form.  We now have fewer phone calls and more successful procedures as patients follow the instructions. Additionally, our patients are more committed/engaged in their care.”


Our success at partner hospitals

Dramatically reduced physical pre-operative appointments and phone calls
NHS Lanarkshire
  • 45% completed pre-op assessment remotely
  • 89% patients didn’t need to call
  • 91% patient approval

Long patient waiting lists

NHS Lanarkshire, stretched by thin by Covid-19, had a growing waiting list for elective surgery. They wanted to reduce their administrative workload by replacing their manual, paper-based system, which required every patient to attend a hospital appointment.

Our solution

Our platform enabled automated patient education and data capture, including remote pre-op assessment form submission from mobile devices. The process helped the hospital to reduce pre-operative appointments and cut waiting lists.

Impressive results

Clinical staff were able to reduce their per-patient workload. Not only did patients require fewer pre-operative appointments, but the overwhelming majority didn’t even need to call.

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Helping you to meet the
NHS Net Zero agenda

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Make your hospital more environmentally-friendly with Buddy Healthcare. Our white paper shows how the NHS can eliminate over 1 billion printed pages and greatly reduce patient travel for elective surgery.
Linking homes & hospitals
Buddy Healthcare is dedicated to forging transparent perioperative care pathways between patients and healthcare providers. We believe that an open link between homes and hospitals leads to patients receiving a higher level of care in a shorter length of time.
SINCE 2016
Leading healthcare technology
We’ve been at the forefront of healthcare technology since our inception in 2016. During this time, we’ve helped leading hospitals across Europe streamline their care coordination processes by automating routine administrative tasks. This enables healthcare providers focus on treating patients.
Helping NHS trusts & boards
We’re working with a growing number of NHS Health trusts and boards, helping them automate manual processes and communicate with patients more effectively. This has lead to NHS healthcare providers seeing more patients without increasing staff workload.
We’re here for you
We’re here for you
Each hospital has its own challenges to overcome. This is why the Buddy Healthcare team is committed to listening to hospitals and helping them solve their problems. We’re here to help. Simply sign up for a free demo and consultation and we’ll get to work.
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