WEBINAR: Tuesday 19th September 2023, 2pm - 3pm BST

Digitising the perioperative pathway…

to address the elective backlog, maximise clinic and theatre capacity, and improve patient outcomes and experience 

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Digitising the perioperative pathway to address the elective backlog, maximise clinic and theatre capacity, and improve patient outcomes and experience

NHS trusts and health boards are looking to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic in the face of unrelenting demand. In response, they have been asked to digitise elements of the elective care pathway, by moving from routine pre-op and follow-up appointments to digital pre-assessment and patient-initiated follow-up. 

Buddy Healthcare can do more than deliver on these targets: its platform can support the whole perioperative pathway. Experience from Finland, Northern Europe, and the UK shows this can: reduce face to face appointments; reduce late-notice cancellations; fill theatre slots at short notice; and modernise follow-up and rehabilitation. 


Join our webinar to hear expert insight on: 

Why NHS Fife is working with Buddy Healthcare 

Consultant anaesthetist Neil Shaw will outline why the health board has deployed an app so patients can complete pre-op assessments at home. Clinical teams can focus appointments on the patients who need them, theatres can make best use of scarce capacity – and patient feedback is great. 

How to build a strategy to digitise elective care journeys 

Buddy Healthcare chief executive Jussi Määttä will outline the capabilities of the Buddy Healthcare platform and present a suggested strategy for the transformation of perioperative pathways. 

The impact of digital follow-up on patients with coronary heart disease 

Head of Heart Center, Consultant cardiologist Tuomas Rissanen, will explain why the North Karelia Central Hospital in Joensuu, Finland, implemented digital tools for preparing patients for coronary angiography procedure and for remote follow-up of coronary artery disease patients after the procedure. The key aims are to identify patients with a possible risk of secondary prevention, collecting data such as QoL and PROMs questionnaires to enable remote monitoring while patients are at home.

Your panellists and moderator: 

Dr Neil Shaw

Neil is a consultant anaesthetist at NHS Fife. He works closely with pre-assessment teams and runs a high-risk pre-assessment clinic, to make sure patients are in the best possible shape for surgery. He is also passionate about addressing the climate crisis, and is the lead for sustainability in the anaesthetic department. 

Jussi Määttä  

Jussi is the founder and chief executive of Buddy Healthcare. He launched the company in 2015 with a mission to transform the delivery of healthcare in the digital age, and since then has seen it help to redesign perioperative pathways across Finland, Northern Europe, and the UK.  

Dr Tuomas Rissanen  

Tuomas is a Head of the Heart Center, and consultant cardiologist at the North Karelia Central Hospital in Joensuu, Finland, the first hospital in the country to start using the Buddy Healthcare platform with patients with coronary artery heart disease. His passions are prevention, data collection – and analysis.

Lyn Whitfield  

Lyn Whitfield is content director at Highland Marketing. Lyn will be moderating the Buddy Healthcare webinar, encouraging debate between participants, collating questions – and getting answers – for attendees.

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More about Buddy Healthcare


Buddy Healthcare streamlines the traditional surgical pathway and automates manual, paper-heavy processes to enable hospitals to optimise waiting list management, save time for clinicians and patients, and improve pre- and post-operative processes. 

The Buddy Healthcare digital care co-ordination platform supports a web-based dashboard for clinicians and a user-friendly BuddyCare app for patients. The app enables patients to complete electronic forms, submit readings or questionnaires from remote care devices, and send messages to their clinical teams. The dashboard enables clinicians to review the information, respond to notifications, and communicate easily with patients in return. 

A key feature of the Buddy Healthcare platform is its timeline. Once a patient is booked-in for a procedure, every action in the patient’s care path is attached to the procedure date, and patient communications are automatically sent out at the right-time. This reduces late-notice cancellations and supports the creation of lists of patients who can take slots at short notice to optimise theatre use. 

Find out more and speak to our team: www.buddyhealthcare.com