Automate your collection of patient-reported outcome measures (Epro) and patient-reported experience measures and generate real-time reports.

The BuddyCare Platform enables hospitals to routinely collect PROMs and PREMs and to deliver high-quality care tailored to their patients’ needs.

Care personnel uses a platform to automate patient-reported outcomes collection

Collect Your Patients’ PROMs and PREMs Electronically


The collection of electronic patient-reported outcome measures (ePROMs) and electronic patient-reported experience measures (ePREMs) provides an efficient and convenient method for assessing patients' perceptions of their own health. It can also illuminate how patients feel about the effects of the health care services they have received.

With the help of the BuddyCare Platform, your clinic can fully automate the collection of your patients' PROMs, PREMs and QoLs and generate insightful, real-time reports. Additionally, the platform enables other forms of data collection, such as pre-assessment and anesthesia-related questionnaires.

With just a few taps on a mobile app, your patients can easily submit important feedback about their condition or experience. 

How does it work for patients?

  1. Electronic PROM and PREM questionnaires will be added as a part of the patient's care pathway.

  2. The platform automatically sends questionnaires to patients relating to specific events --> the patient receives a push notification.

  3. If there are patients who did not submit their questionnaires in time, the platform reminds the patient automatically.

  4. Specific educational materials and instructions can be added to the care pathway, so that patients may better understand and manage their conditions/care.


Die Telemedicine Software automatisiert das Sammeln von Patient Reported Outcomes und Patient Reported Experiences-1

Generate Real-time Reports to Support Analysis

The platform automatically collects electronic outcome and experience measures from your patients. Care teams use a web-based clinical dashboard to monitor patients’ submitted answers.  


The BuddyCare platform makes it easier to collect and analyze patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs), patient-reported experience measures (PREMs), and QoL questionnaires. Data submitted by patients is visualized and categorized in the dashboard for easy follow-up. You will be able to visualize things like response rates, benchmark performance and even graphs displaying trends.  

Advanced PROMs and PREMs real-time reporting help clinics and hospital management better understand patient profiles and select the best treatment options. 



Older doctor is satisfied to the care coordination platform and reports

Benefits of Collecting Electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes and Patient-Reported Experiences


  • Patients are more involved in their own care, thus increasing compliance. 

  • Patients receive notifications and reminders about the questionnaires at the right time during their care pathway, providing very accurate, high-quality data to the care teams.

  • The PREM questionnaires can be collected after every appointment to evaluate service quality. 

  • By collecting the right information at the right time, clinics can provide more efficient delivery of care.

  • The platform enables splitting an extensive questionnaire into smaller units, thereby increasing the quality and reliability of the responses and the number of responses.

  • Automated PROMs and PREMs collection increases efficiency and reduces manual work. 

  • Real-time reports help hospital management to analyze patient data and develop the quality of care and care processes
Safe and Secure Platform for hospitals

Other Information

  • Various university hospitals, central hospitals and private hospitals collect their PREMs and PROMs successfully with BuddyCare.

  • More than 30 different standardized questionnaires have been digitized in the BuddyCare Platform. See the list on our platform page.

  • The Platform is available in multiple languages → DE, EN, FI, FR, IT, IN, NL, SP, SV, PL, PT

  • The white-label mobile app can be customized based on the healthcare provider’s needs, preferences and brand. 

  • The platform is CE certified and GDPR and HIPAA compliant.


Virtual Care with the BuddyCare Platform

Mobile App for Patients

The patient-facing BuddyCare app helps patients to navigate through their care pathways.

Timed reminders and push notifications ensure that patients get the right information at the right time.

Patients can submit forms or in-app questionnaires to the care personnel and interact via the mobile app. 



Dashboard for Care Personnel

With the dashboard, the hospital care personnel can monitor patients' care progress and see at-a-glance if patients have read all education, submitted in-app questionnaires and followed all instructions

The dashboard collects data during the patients' pathways and enables patient interaction. The dashboard produces reports for analysis.

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