Automate your patients' perioperative care pathways and improve your hospital’s operational efficiency with care coordination software.

Improved hospital outcomes with care coordination software

fewer pre-operative phone calls

fewer no-shows/cancellations

of patients recommend the app

Care Coordination Software

Automate and manage your surgery patients' perioperative care pathways

BuddyCare Care Coordination software enables hospital surgery care units in automating their care coordination and patient communication processes. The care coordination software helps care teams keep accurate records and track patients - from the beginning of their surgical care pathway to recovery.


Patient-facing app for your patients

Patients preparing themselves for surgery use an app to receive care-related timed information, instructions and tasks from the hospital. The communication process is automated for the hospital, and the care coordination software collects pre-assessment forms or in-app questionnaires such as PROMs/PREMs from the patients. After surgery, patients receive all post-operative instructions to their app.


The entire patient communication process is automated, but if needed, care teams can provide patients personalized care through secure messaging. 


Efficient patient management through monitoring dashboard

Our care coordination software enables the care team to monitor and manage patients' care pathways. Through the dashboard, care providers have a real-time 360 degrees view of all of the patients' care pathways and activities and the care coordination software provides a quick and easy at-a-glance overview of the patients' care progress. The dashboard provides attention notifications if a patient is about to deviate from the care pathway helping healthcare providers to intervene sooner at early signs of potential no-shows, cancellations, or other identified challenges. 


Automate PROMs and PREMs collection

The care coordination software automates patient-reported outcomes and patient-reported experiences collection. Patients answer easily from the app, and the dashboard collects the answers and produces reports for care team analysis. Read more from our blog on how to automate PREMs or PROMs collection.


Our Care Coordination software can help to improve surgery clinics' operational efficiency such as:

  • Automate pre- and post-surgery care coordination and communication → fewer phone calls, less paperwork
  • Improve cancellation/no-show identification → cost and time savings
  • Provide more efficient new patient scheduling after cancellation
  • Improve patient safety and unnecessary cancellations with pre-op health screening
  • Interact with the patients through care coordination software instead of calling
  • Automate all forms and in-app questionnaires collection and reporting

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Automated Care Coordination with the BuddyCare Platform

Mobile App for Patients

The patient-facing BuddyCare app helps patients to navigate through their care pathways.

Timed reminders and push notifications ensure that patients get the right information at the right time.

Patients can submit forms or in-app questionnaires to the care personnel and interact via the mobile app. 



Dashboard for Care Personnel

With the dashboard, the hospital care teams can monitor patients' care progress and see at-a-glance if patients have read all education, followed instructions, and submitted in-app questionnaires.

The dashboard collects data during the patients' pathways and enables patient interaction. The dashboard produces reports for analysis.

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Safe and Certified Care Coordination Software

Our care coordination software has been co-developed with University Hospitals ensuring it fulfills both care personnel and patient needs.

The care coordination software is CE certified and GDPR and HIPAA compliant