Buddy Healthcare joining the ICory project

In May, Buddy Healthcare is starting the orthopaedic and pediatric surgery care project called ICory. The ICory project focuses on patient-centered surgical pathways from home to hospital and back home. Particular focus is on orthopaedic surgery for both children and adult patients. ICory is a two-year project funded by Business Finland. Besides our company, these are the project partners: BCB Medical, Lenovo, NearReal, Rehaboo!, Solteq, Ticca, Triumf Gamification, VTT, University of Oulu, University of Tampere, Oulu University Hospital and Children’s Hospital, Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa.

The ICory project goals

  • to create an intelligent, coherent solution that is data-driven and patient-centered,
  • make an iterative and forecasting impact analysis of the solution,
  • to develop an ecosystemic business model that makes the solution scalable to international markets,
  • utilize machine learning and gamification, as well as context-specific applications and data analytics to enhance personalized end-user experience.

The solution will build links to national hospitals' information systems and databases. Furthermore, the solution will also ensure coherent communication, data usage and exchange between the patient and hospital. Read more about the project here (press-release by the University of Oulu) and here (the project information provided by Business Finland).

Buddy Healthcare's role

For us, this is a very important opportunity to strengthen our knowledge and expertise in orthopaedics and paediatrics. At Buddy Healthcare, we particularly want to learn utilizing the data generated during the care process to streamline pre- and post-operative care. Therefore, one of the goals for us is to use the data to recognize the patients who might have issues in their care process either before or after the procedure. Thus, we will optimize the resource allocation on the patients who need more guidance and attention.

Buddy Healthcare joins to the orthopedic and pediatric surgery care project called ICory, which focuses on surgical pathways.