Buddy Healthcare partners with healthcare solutions provider OxygenCare in Ireland

Buddy Healthcare has partnered with healthcare solutions provider OxygenCare in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The collaboration aims to offer a seamless end-to-end patient care pathway solution throughout Ireland. 

Buddy Healthcare streamlines the traditional care pathway by digitising the laborious form entries, coordinating the care process. The Patient engagement platform automates the perioperative patient communication and encourages patients to actively participate in their care by submitting online questionnaires. Completing online forms, the patient confirms compliance with hospital and national standards.

OxygenCare focuses on all phases of care and is committed to supplying the best in quality healthcare solutions with a premium after-sales product support to healthcare organisations. 

OxygenCare provides GE HealthCare’s Centricity Opera software, a complete Theatre Management solution for surgical & medical teams. Buddy Healthcare’s BuddyCare patient engagement platform focuses on the communication to and from the patient inside and outside hospital, while Centricity Opera focuses on managing the operative resources & workflow.

Through this new partnership, all care phases can be managed digitally through a "single provider". Combined, the solution facilitates the collection of surgical and medical data within both the hospital and the primary healthcare environments.

Johnathan Pascall, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Buddy Healthcare, said, 

Many hospitals have formed a digital strategy but haven’t yet found perfect health technology partners to enhance the full surgical care pathway. Buddy Healthcare and OxygenCare are bringing something pioneering to the surgery clinics throughout Ireland by providing a fully integrated solution. Both companies’ software will be integrated, making the patient flow and its management even smoother in the future.”

Maurice Moran, Managing Director of OxygenCare said, 

“We are delighted to be partnering with Buddy Healthcare and be at the forefront of implementing this progressive and comprehensive digital care pathway platform. This solution can be tailored and scaled to support any health care setting with preoperative and postoperative requirements. 

OxygenCare proudly supports Buddy Healthcare’s purpose-driven mission to transform care coordination in hospitals and clinics by making care accessible and measurable for everyone, everywhere and at any time."

Stephen Nicholson
, IT Services Manager, Digital Healthcare said,

 “It’s a given that innovative solutions in healthcare can improve service delivery and patient experience. However, it has to be the right solution that connects health systems and improves patient care.

Buddy Healthcare’s mobile care coordination platform automates the patient’s care pathway and forms an effortless communication link between home and hospital. This enables clinicians to have real-time visibility over patients’ preparation and recovery.

For patients, with the automation of the workflow, communication, instructions, forms and reminders, they can feel confident taking their next steps on their care path.”

Buddy Healthcare and Oxygen partnership