Buddy Healthcare will digitize Tays Child Psychiatry department’s care process!


We are excited to announce that Buddy Healthcare’s care coordination platform will digitize Tays Child Psychiatry department’s care process for the first time ever in Finland!

Tampere University Hospital's Child Psychiatry department is piloting online training to the parents of young children and babies. The online training trains parents with early interaction, and supports with sleeping problems and gives tactics for tantrum management. Parenting coach will support  families every week by helping with problems and going through the lessons learned. The service has been developed to respond to the growing demand for child psychiatry services and to provide preventive low-threshold assistance. Duration of online training is 8 weeks.


Parents receive all information, instructions, weekly training material/exercises, and supportive material through Tays branded mobile app in a digital format. The app plays an active role as the care process requires daily progress reporting to the hospital. While the parents use the mobile app, Tampere University Hospital's care personnel can monitor and communicate with the parents through the healthcare professionals dashboard. The modernized process enables collecting all patient material in one location in a digital format instead of having various separate piles of paper.


Tays has concluded that online training gives parents more flexibility and more efficient time management when the online training can be attended at home.


We at Buddy Healthcare are excited that our care coordination platform is being used as a technological solution in this digitized care process. Since this is a first-time child psychiatry care process has been digitized in Finland, we're aiming at developing the process gradually together with the hospital.  Tays has already announced that In the future the online training will be having also content related on sleeping, eating and smooth everyday life.


Tampere University Hospital's official announcement can be found here (in Finnish).

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Tays Child psychiatry departments customers will be guided and supported with Buddy Healthcare’s manufactured mobile app.

Tays Child psychiatry department's customers will be guided and supported through mobile app.