Buddy Healthcare opens a new office in Leeds, United Kingdom

We are proud to officially announce the opening of Buddy Healthcare’s new office in the United Kingdom.

As a result of the continued growth of new employees and customers in the UK, we are opening our office in Leeds. Our new office can be found at the
Nexus University of Leeds building, which offers a vibrant community for innovators and entrepreneurs. The office space in Leeds will be our team’s meeting hub in the UK. Additionally, the central location in England will enable us to easily reach NHS Health Trusts and Boards nationwide. 

Our aim as a company is to help NHS Trusts and surgical teams to address the elective backlog, by improving pre-operative or perioperative processes, cutting ‘did not attend’ rates for appointments and surgery, and identifying ‘fit for surgery’ patients who can fill empty slots at short notice, so theatres and teams can work to full capacity. 

We believe opening a new office and growing our local team will help us to expand our footprint in the UK.


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