How BuddyCare helps nurses and care staff?

Welcome back to our blog! If you wish to find out what we have been writing about recently, please have a look at the previous posts. This time we are going to guide you through how our BuddyCare solution benefits nurses in coordinating and communicating care.

Nurse is monitoring patients remotely, which helps the hospital to reduce no-shows and cancellationsNurses spend a huge amount of time on pre- and post-operative communication per patient: calling them on the phone, writing and receiving instructions, filling in and reading paper forms, dealing with patients not knowing when and where they should be… Sounds familiar? And these are only some of the daily challenges our customers mentioned about.

Imagine life without paper forms and instructions, fewer phone calls, procedure cancellations, rescheduling and readmissions, patients always being in the right place at the right time... Good news: there is a solution that makes this come true — BuddyCare.

BuddyCare engages and empowers your patients to take part in the care process by providing meaningful and timely instructions that help users stay on track throughout the care pathway. Patients receive everything they need to do and know via the mobile app from admission to recovery. Checklists, to-do lists, reminders, forms, videos, images make it clear for patients what they need to do or where they need to be next. Higher awareness of the upcoming procedure and improved self-caring capability result in patients being more confident and facing better care outcomes.

At the same time, you as a care professional can watch how your patients are doing: have they followed the instructions and done all vital tasks during the care path? If not, the software raises "red flags" which helps you focus on the patients who need more attention and guidance.

Got interested? Please leave a comment below or contact us at to see our product in action! Thanks for joining us for this session and stay tuned for the next one. Cheers!