How do patients experience mobile app guidance and support?

Have you used or considered using a mobile app to guide your patients? If yes, then you might be interested in reading what patients who have used an app value.  We would now like to share some patient feedback our customers have reported to us. In this blog post, we deliver the feedback patients as end-users have provided to health centers or hospitals after they have used the BuddyCare mobile app.


A little background information: Patients who have used the mobile app have attended different surgeries, and they have received information, instructions, checklists, reminders, and patient questionnaires through the mobile app pre and post-operatively.

Patients' voice: What was best in the mobile app guidance?

Patients love that the app is available 24/7

Care-related instructions or information could be read anywhere and anytime. 

Those patients who have used the BuddyCare app or hospital's own branded (white-label) mobile application pre and post-operatively have reported that all care-related information and education were always safely stored in one location (in the app) and could be used anywhere anytime.

As all the information and patient education materials were available 24/7 in the mobile app, the patients could read the materials at their own pace. Patients appreciated that they could also get in touch with the hospital through secure patient messaging whenever it was convenient for them, knowing that care personnel would respond during the clinic's opening hours.


Patients appreciated sending secure messages to the hospital through an app 

Since the mobile app is available 24/7, the patients can send messages to the care personnel whenever they have a question. Patients know that if they submit a question in the evening, their question will be answered the next day. Patients don’t need to wait until the following day to call the hospital when the care personnel arrives at work.

  • Feeling of safety and peace of mind for patients

    The secure patient-provider messaging feature provides patients peace of mind as the patients feel that care personnel can be reached easily just by typing a message through their app. Patients think that the hospital is taking care of them remotely, even if they are physically at home. (In case of urgency, the contact info section in the app directs calling by phone).

  • Patients prefer communicating through an app over the phone

    Patients have shown a lower threshold in sending messages or questions through the mobile app than calling to the hospital.

The transparent care pathway gives a better overview of the care process

  • Patients value care process transparency

    When patients are assigned the mobile app, they have visibility of their entire care pathway. With the app, they can get a better understanding of the entire care process, and the process becomes transparent for them. Even if the information, questionnaires, reminders, etc. have been scheduled to arrive at the right time, the patients can still view what the next steps in the timeline are. However, patients can only submit certain tasks as such in-app questionnaires such as pre-operative assessment forms or patient outcomes questionnaires or tasks when they enter the appropriate stage of their care pathways. 

    Automated appointment and task reminders helped in remembering all important dates and tasks

    The BuddyCare care coordination software allows care teams to remind patients of their appointments with scheduled reminders and push notifications sent directly to their mobile devices. Patients reported that they liked that the app reminded them of necessary appointments and tasks such as fasting or stopping a medication. The platform reminds patients about uncompleted tasks automatically a few times, and if tasks are not completed, it sends an attention notification to care personnel related to care pathway deviation. Hence, it ensures that care teams can react in advance if a patient is having challenges or shows signs of declining engagement in his care pathway.

    Improved patient experience

    All of the above-mentioned enhance the patient experience at the hospital.

Some feedback patients have given after the use of the mobile app


” The app relieved tension and uncertainty before the surgery.”


”I feel I was taken very good care of when using the BuddyCare app as I could easily send messages to the nurse whenever I had questions in my mind. The app created a feeling of safety for me.”


" I feel I was taken very good care of when using the BuddyCare app as I could easily send messages to the nurse whenever I had questions in my mind. The app created a feeling of safety for me."


"The mobile app worked really well and was very user-friendly. The tasks were clear, and even after completing them, the information was still available in the app for reading again later on."


“The mobile app was very handy. It provided very clear preoperative and postoperative instructions. It was great that I did not need to make calls to the hospital, but instead, I could send a message through the app.”


Stay tuned: Next week we publish another blog where we describe how care centers' and hospitals' care personnel have experienced the use of the BuddyCare Platform and what kind of benefits the healthcare professionals and hospital management have experienced with it.


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