Leikkaussali 2017: What will surgery be like in future?

Buddy Healthcare is one of the partners in Leikkaussali 2017 (Operation room) in Helsinki on 22nd and 23rd of March. The event discusses future surgical care and innovations in surgeries. Buddy Healthcare is there to also present our solution BuddyCare at our booth on both days!

BuddyCare supports, guides and instructs patients and families throughout the surgery process from preparation to recovery at the same time providing hospitals with valuable insight on patients. The BuddyCare app for patients includes all pre- and post-operative instructions, all pre- and post-assessment forms and, for example, reminders on when to stop eating, drinking and certain medications before the procedure. 

The event keynote discusses high-quality post-operative care, which is also a vital part of the BuddyCare solution. With the help of BuddyCare, patient recovery may be monitored through various metrics and scorecards utilizing enhanced recovery pathways. The app for patients provides easily understandable care information on a simple timeline, where it's easy for the patient to follow all instructions and tasks. Preparing the patient for the procedure is easier when stress and anxiety can be relieved.

Care personnel may monitor how patients read instructions and complete tasks through BuddyCare tool. They also receive all submitted forms and may send direct messages to patients through the tool. With the help of BuddyCare, hospitals can reduce the amount of phone calls, administrative work, late surgery cancellations and unnecessary pre-operative visits enabling more efficient resource allocation. Through accurate, up-to-date and personal patient data hospitals can improve the quality of surgical care and patient safety as well as better consider patients' unique needs.

Come and visit us at the event on 22nd and 23rd of March and see how BuddyCare works in practice!

BuddyCare supports, guides and instructs patients and families throughout the surgery process