Satisfying the needs of patients and care providers

Hey all and welcome back to our blog! If it's your first time here, have a look at our previous posts to get a gist of what the Buddy Healthcare team does. We mainly wrote around surgeries, how we help patients and their families prepare for the procedures, and how our BuddyCare solution contributes to rehabilitation.

Nurse is using BuddyCare Dashboard to monitor patients, collect PROM and interacting with patientsOur focus was mainly on patients and how to engage them, but it’s just as important to engage physicians, nurses and other care personnel. Identifying all stakeholders, their needs, requirements, and expectations is vital for the success and level of the BuddyCare implementation.

As we all know, healthcare as a business is rather conservative and hierarchical, where it’s crucial to know at what level the discussions are held and who the actual decision-makers are. In our experience, that’s what brought success to Buddy Healthcare. We have considered different and, sometimes, conflicting needs of our customers and satisfied the most important ones. Our approach to cooperation with hospitals usually begins with discussions with nurses, head nurses and doctors who interact with patients. We feel they usually have the best understanding about the daily operative challenges related to patient experience and communication. This approach allowed Buddy Healthcare to understand the grass roots problems, which has served as the foundation to develop our solution.

In other words, identifying what's valued the most and what’s more a nice-to-have feature enables our solution to solve the biggest pain points hospitals and clinics have. And these are the features they are willing to pay for.

The Buddy Healthcare tram is continuing its journey towards improving pre- and post-surgical care more and more. Next step is to identify where it's worth stopping by for us, and where people are ready to hop in. If you have any ideas or cooperation suggestions, please share them below or contact us via Please also have a look at our Facebook and Twitter pages to get the latest news. Let’s keep in touch and stay tuned!