How to sell digital health?

It's been a few months since our chief sales officer Markus Lind joined the Buddy Healthcare team, and now he shares his experiences and insights on how to sell digital health.

Markus Lind works as Chief Sales Office for Buddy HealthcareWorking at Buddy Healthcare has been very interesting for Markus because it's slightly different to what he used to do. Before, Markus worked with orthopaedic and cardiology devices which you mostly sell as a product, while BuddyCare is a solution. This is why at Buddy Healthcare, the sales process is more diverse, explains Markus: you need to talk to doctors, nurses and other parties to get to know their needs and explain the solution because so many different people are involved. On top of that, the salesperson needs to understand the difference between how different departments and types of hospitals work — because how the patient gets into the hospital is different in each case, and it will determine how they use BuddyCare there.

BuddyCare surgery mobile app for patients and care coordination dashboard for healthcare professionalsWe sell a solution that changes the way doctors and nurses work with patients, continues Markus. For example, our goal is to reduce paperwork at hospitals, but the solution itself won't do that — the hospital needs to change the way they work related to preparing the patient for surgery. With the new technology which affects all processes, the adoption process is always slow. This is why already on the stage of the sale, we need to help our customers understand how they can benefit from it.