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Orthopedics and Traumatology are one of the largest surgical specialties, consisting of approximately 40 % of all surgical procedures. Typical operations in orthopedics and traumatology are arthroscopic joint surgeries, joint replacement surgeries, reconstructive surgeries of bones and joints due to injuries or diseases, and surgical treatments of spinal diseases and injuries. 

Surgery patients require highly demanding care and forms of treatment

Traumatology patients are often in need of high-demanding medical acute- and operational care, as well as demanding follow-up treatment. Similarly, patients with degenerative spinal-, joint, or limb diseases may require specialized and highly demanding care processes, especially in the post-operative phase of care. 


Before orthopedic surgery it is important to inform the patient with the following:

  • Surgery and preparation information
  • Information and pre-arrangements of the recovery period
  • Medicine discontinuation and fastening reminders
  • Pre-op assessment collection
  • Pre-surgery checklist

After orthopedic surgery, hospitals need to provide information and collect data, such as:

  • Wound care instructions
  • Rehabilitation training and instructions
  • Information on how to take pain killers and pain scale
  • Outcome scores (e.g. OHS/OKS, HOOS/KOOS)

Virtual Care with the BuddyCare Platform

Mobile App for Patients

The patient-facing BuddyCare app helps patients to navigate through their care pathways.

Timed reminders and push notifications ensure that patients get the right information at the right time.

Patients can submit forms or in-app questionnaires to the care personnel and interact via the mobile app. 



Dashboard for Care Personnel

With the dashboard, the hospital care personnel can monitor patients' care progress and see at-a-glance if patients have read all education, submitted in-app questionnaires and followed all instructions

The dashboard collects data during the patients' pathways and enables patient interaction. The dashboard produces reports for analysis.

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Available orthopedic care pathways

Hip joint replacement

Knee joint replacement

Spinal disc herniation

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