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Pediatric surgery app

Automate your paediatric surgery clinic's care coordination

Fractures, acute appendicitis, and hernias are the most common surgeries for children. Less common operations are surgery for congenital craniofacial, cerebral, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and urogenital anomalies, organ transplants, spine and limb deformities, and tumors. Some pediatric surgeries such as hernia surgeries and endoscopic procedures are performed on a day-surgery basis. Pediatric surgery comprises about 500 different surgical procedures. 

Informing the parents is an essential part of the care

One of the most important aspects of pediatric surgeries is to inform the parents about the care process and surgery, what possible risks there are (or they might face), and how the parents should prepare their child for surgery. Also, reducing the fear of the child is very important. Overcoming fear can be done with storytelling, animations, and videos, and telling about other patients' experiences.

Educate, monitor and interact with parents during the entire perioperative process 

Before surgery

  • Educating and instructing pre-operatively (pre-op checklists, fasting or medication information, etc.
  • Relieving the fear and stress of a child through storytelling, videos, animations, etc.
  • Collecting in-app questionnaires such as pre-op assessment
  • Informing parents about important appointments such as laboratory appointments or a surgery day schedule

After surgery

  • Informing parents about the healing process such as physiotherapy exercises, wound care information and medication use
  • Providing parents with frequently asked questions and contact details
  • Following the recovery with the help of a pain meter
  • Collecting patient-reported outcome and experience measures (PROMs and PREMs)

    While the patients and parents follow up on the automated care pathway, care personnel can see an overview of the patients' progress in one glance. The platform collects all in-app questionnaires and patients' data automatically for the care team. The platform allows parents two-way communication with the care team during the entire perioperative care process.

    Read here a short customer story on how Helsinki University Hospital's New Children's Hospital has used the BuddyCare platform to digitise pediatric cardiology care pathways.

Virtual Care with the BuddyCare Platform

Mobile App for Patients

The patient-facing BuddyCare app helps patients to navigate through their care pathways.

Timed reminders and push notifications ensure that patients get the right information at the right time.

Patients can submit forms or in-app questionnaires to the care personnel and interact via the mobile app. 


Dashboard for Care Personnel

With the dashboard, the hospital care personnel can monitor patients' care progress and see at-a-glance if patients have read all education, submitted in-app questionnaires and followed all instructions

The dashboard collects data during the patients' pathways and enables patient interaction. The dashboard produces reports for analysis.

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Available pediatric care pathways

Bandage removal

Cardiac catheterization



Drug infusion




Inguinal hernia repair

Joint paracentesis

Mole removal


Removal of Kirschner wire

Trigger finger release surgery

Undescended testicle repair surgery

Pediatric ear, nose, throat (ENT) surgery care pathways can be found from the ENT Specialty.
Can't find the care pathway you are looking for? Contact us, and we'll create it shortly.