Buddy Healthcare Won the OP Smart Health Challenge


OP Smart-Health-Challenge-winners including Buddy Healthcare The winners of OP Smart Health Challenge: WeFitter, Huoleti and Buddy Healthcare.


On May 11, 2017, we won the OP Smart Health Challenge, bootcamp phase. Together with the WeFitter and Huoleti teams we continue collaboration with the OP Group in the co-creation phase.

Here’s more info about the #opxsmarthealth challenge. The OP Group wants to launch world-class health services and integrate new solutions with their insurance services and hospitals in Finland. The Smart Health challenge is all about identifying prospective health solutions to be used there. Originally, 217 companies from 41 countries applied for the challenge. Twelve companies were chosen to join the bootcamp in Helsinki, and, as you already know, three companies were finally selected as winners.

In the bootcamp, we were learning from all contestants, healthcare disruptors and stakeholders, as well as sharing our expertize with others. It was a lot of productive fun! If you’d like to see what it was like, below are the videos published on OP’s YouTube channel that give you the idea.

What’s up next? During the next few months, we’ll be working with OP and the Pohjola Sairaala hospital to adapt our solution to automate orthopedic clinical pathways. Big win and an interesting challenge for us, so stay tuned!

Day 1



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