Buddy Healthcare won a partner prize at Slush Singapore


Buddy Healthcare CEO Jussi Määttä pitching at Slush Singapore Jussi Määttä pitching at Slush Singapore.

On September 19, Buddy Healthcare won the Partner Prize from Philips Healthcare at the Slush Singapore pitching competition. Fireworks! Now let us tell you a bit more about how it went.

This year, Slush Singapore received 600 applications from 40 countries all over the world. "This is going to be the most exciting Pitch Competition yet", they wrote in the Slush blog. In our opinion, one hundred percent true :wink: A few days before the event,  Slush included Buddy Healthcare in top-45 in the pitching competition. The day before the Finals, we learned that we were in top-30 now. And the next day, our CEO Jussi Määttä received the prize from Philips Healthcare!

We wanted to take part in Slush Singapore to get some insights on the Asian market and explore our opportunities there. In that sense, the event was quite productive for us as well. Thanks for your support, everyone, and see you in the future events!

Buddy Healthcare's CEO Jussi Määttä received the Slush Singapore pitching competition prize from Philips Healthcare