Wellbeing services county of North Karelia offers digitised care pathways to coronary artery disease patients

Buddy Healthcare has partnered with the Wellbeing services county of North Karelia. Heart Center’s coronary artery disease patients are assigned to a digital care pathway available through mobile devices. The purpose of the patient-facing mobile application is to support and help patients adapt to life with coronary artery disease and to improve the availability of services with the help of technology.

North Karelia Central Hospital’s Heart Center has started using Buddy Healthcare’s care coordination platform and launched Finland’s first digitised and mobile care pathway for coronary artery disease patients.

The new digital service is offered for patients coming for coronary angiography. The BuddyCare mobile application supports patients’ preparation and provides a more clear care process. The digital care pathway includes timed preparation guidance for the coronary angiography examination and recovery support. The mobile app allows coronary artery disease patients to send messages to the Heart Center’s nurses through secure two-way messaging. While patients use the mobile application; the care team monitors patients’ progress through the clinical dashboard, which gathers and visualises patients’ submitted in-app questionnaires.

The purpose of the mobile app is to improve the availability of services

In addition to the patient's personal information, the BuddyCare mobile app provides information and instructions for the patient before and after the coronary angiography. Through the digital care pathway, the patient receives general information about coronary artery disease, associated risk factors, medication, as well as recommended heart-healthy diet and exercises.

Digitalised patient services aim to help patients adapt to life with coronary artery disease. The new process using our care coordination platform also seeks to improve the availability of services and increase the patients' engagement and compliance with their care.

Digitally collected forms and questionnaires reduce workload and data capture supports analysis

Digitally supported patients using the BuddyCare app, submit the electronic preoperative assessment forms through the app ahead of appointments, thereby reducing the care schedulers' workload.

The digital coronary artery disease care pathway aims to support the prevention of mortality from cardiovascular diseases and myocardial infarctions in the Wellbeing services county of North Karelia region. Also, the purpose of our BuddyCare care coordination platform is to produce cost-effective care and evaluate the effectiveness of balloon angioplasty and care quality through various kinds of digitally-collected questionnaires and visualised statistics.

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