Eksote guides colonoscopy and gastroscopy patients with BuddyCare app


We are happy to announce that the South Karelia Social and Health Care District, Eksote, has started using the Buddy Healthcare’s care coordination and patient engagement platform in Lappeenranta, Finland.


The Central hospital is now supporting and guiding its colonoscopy and gastroscopy patients with the BuddyCare mobile app. The app makes the patients' preparation for the colonoscopy, and gastroscopy examinations easier, more flexible, and reduce uncertainty.


All the patients who own a smartphone or a tablet with an internet connection and are attending either colonoscopy or gastroscopy examination can now benefit from the support and reminders the app provides. The mobile app will have all the necessary information for patients, such as information on the procedure, pre-assessment forms, preparation instructions, important contact details, and automatic reminders. All the information, push-notifications, reminders, and forms have been scheduled to arrive for the patients’ app at the right time.


Meanwhile, the patients are using an app; Eksote's Endoscopy Unit's dashboard provides tools that empower healthcare professionals to remotely monitor patients (RPM) or send reminders to the patients. The platform is fully interactive, enabling communication between patients and healthcare professionals.


According to Etelä-Saimaa newspaper, Eksote has estimated that the mobile app will be supporting around 3800 patients annually.  The hospital has stated that the most common questions from the patients' concern about the preparation diet and whether or not the colonoscopy or gastroscopy causes pain. The healthcare professionals are now able to relieve patients' uncertainty by chatting with the patients through their dashboard. Patients' questions will be answered seven days a week.


The use of the BuddyCare Platform has been taken into use as a goal to improve the communication between the patients and the hospital. The care coordination platform will also reduce administrative work by automating the care coordination process. 


We are excited to start working with Eksote!


You can read Eksote's announcement here and the local newspaper, Etelä-Saimaa's written article here. The announcement and newspaper article are available in Finnish. 


BuddyCare app supporting colonosopy patients f

Eksote's colonoscopy and gastroscopy patients will be guided with easy-to-use a mobile app.