New hire announcement - CTO Teemu Vättö

Buddy Healthcare is pleased to announce that Teemu Vättö has joined the company and will fill the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) position. He also joins the company leadership team reporting to the CEO, Jussi Määttä. 

Before joining Buddy Healthcare, Teemu worked as Chief Technology Officer and Lead Architect at Aava Medical Centre. Teemu has extensive experience and expertise in healthcare software infrastructures, IT strategies and team leadership. 

He has an excellent set of technological skills and capabilities to support us in transforming the delivery of healthcare and hospitals’ care coordination in a digital age. As a technological business leader, Teemu ensures that we’re staying up to date on all technological trends and ensuring our clients, hospitals and healthcare organisations remain compliant and secure.

We want to thank our previous CTO, Jukka Hassinen, for his excellent work since the beginning of Buddy Healthcare and wish him the best of luck with his new challenges after the handover period. 

 We asked Teemu a few questions:

What made you choose Buddy Healthcare?

When Jussi told me about the open position, I was immediately interested. After a few discussions, I knew this was the story I wanted to be part of.

What are you passionate about?

I love helping people to become successful. My job is done when nobody needs me anymore. You might hear me talking about the responsibility process, which is a powerful tool when searching for success. Or you might see me wearing a T-shirt which tries to tell you something.

What are you most looking forward to in the coming year with Buddy?

Meeting all colleagues in person and getting to know everyone. I also hope we can find many ways to ensure success in the upcoming years for Buddies.

What do you enjoy doing in your leisure time?

I love spending time with my family, and this is also the area where I feel that I want to make sure that I have used enough time. Kids are growing rapidly, and soon, they will have their own lives and careers, so now is my time to enjoy time with them.

I enjoy playing sports, especially team sports. Lately mostly ice hockey. I play hockey as a goalie, which, at least from my own experience, means that there are more training sessions available than you can participate in.

Please join us in welcoming Teemu to Buddy Healthcare. 

Teemu Vatto CTO-1