Tampere University Hospital digitizes carepaths of several medical specialties with help of the BuddyCare Platform


Health technology company Buddy Healthcare has won a tender organized by Istekki. The recently published tendering results enable Buddy Healthcare and Tampere University Hospital to continue their collaboration. The hospital will digitize several medical specialties’ patient care pathways and patient communication with the company's care coordination platform. As part of the cooperation, the BuddyCare platform will be integrated into the hospital EHR and hospital e-health patient portal.

Streamlining digital patient services

With the care coordination platform, the second-largest university hospital in Finland aims to streamline its patient services and provide transparent and clear care pathways to all patients. The patient-facing mobile application will educate, support, and remind patients during their entire care process. Automated and efficient care pathways are expected to improve the hospital's operational efficiency. The platform will collect standardized patient experience and outcome data that helps in further developing patient services.

A long-term goal is to automate administrative work and reduce patients' preoperative anxiety and cancellations

From the hospital care personnel point of view, the goal is to reduce administrative work, e.g., unnecessary phone calls to the patients, surgery, or other appointment no-shows and cancellations. The patients' preoperative stress and anxiety are expected to decrease as the platform improves patient guidance, provides a clear and transparent care process, and enables sending messages to the care personnel from the app.

EHR integration facilities smooth data transfer

The BuddyCare platform will be integrated into the hospitals' EHR system and e-health patient portal. The integration will facilitate smooth data transfer and reduce the duplication of data entries in systems.


"The collaboration with Tampere University Hospital has been very significant for Buddy Healthcare, and it's important for us that the collaboration continues. Tampere university hospital has been a pioneer in Finland with its digital patient services. It's great for us as a company that we can support the hospital in digitizing patient services and automating care personnel work.", Markus Lind, Chief Sales Officer, Buddy Healthcare

The news is available in Finnish here.

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About Buddy Healthcare

Buddy Healthcare is a mobile care coordination and patient engagement platform that ensures patients can easily navigate their care pathways at every stage and care personnel have a real-time, 360-degree view over all of their patients’ care pathways and activities.

The patient-facing mobile app gives patients 24/7 access to all the important care-related information they need and provides timely automated reminders and push notifications to keep patients on track. The BuddyCare dashboard allows care personnel to identify at-a-glance patients who have deviated from the expected care plan and to quickly intervene if necessary.

The BuddyCare solution also makes it easier to collect and analyse patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs), patient-reported experience measures (PREMs), and QoL questionnaires. Data submitted by patients is visualized and categorized in the dashboard for easy follow up. Patients and care personnel can easily interact through the platform if needed.

Healthcare providers are able to care for their patients remotely more efficiently and with greater ease through the certified and safe care coordination platform.