Tech Tour selected Buddy Healthcare as Top 20 digital health company in 2019!

Buddy Healthcare was chosen as one of the Top 20 digital health companies in Europe by Tech Tour! We were already nominated into this Tech Tour's category on 2017, and now Buddy Healthcare is honored to be back in the top-20 digital health companies list again!

This year the Tech Tour Health Tech summit  was showcasing the top 20 MedTech and top 20 Digital Health companies in Europe. The 40 presenting companies, represented by their CEOs, were carefully selected by Tech Tour's Selection Committees and now had the great opportunity to network with key international investors.


Our CEO and Founder Jussi Määttä attended the 10th Healthtech summit in Lausanne, Switzerland June 25-26, and he presented our BuddyCare Care Coordination Platform to the audience over 200 people. Jussi demonstrated in Lausanne how our BuddyCare Platform helps hospitals to automate their care coordination, collect valuable Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROM) / Patient-Reported Experience Measures (PREM), and monitoring patients remotely. In addition to the healthcare professionals work process leaning and automation, this unique Platform also includes patients app, which helps to keep the patient in the right track.


Buddy Healthcare was born in 2015 and we started by automating and digitizing surgical care pathways but we are currently expanding to other specialties such as child psychiatry, breastfeeding guidance etc.


Do you want to get a better understanding of our newly awarded BuddyCare Platform? Check our short video here,  visit our website or simply book a demo session with us.


Thank you very much for this honor Tech Tour - we keep on digitizing the healthcare!



TechTour selected Buddy Healthcare as top20 digital health company in 2019

Buddy Healthcare's CEO & Founder Jussi Maatta presenting the BuddyCare Mobile Care Coordination Platform