Our customer UKSH Pain Clinic captured an award for innovative digital patient care

We’re delighted to announce that our customer, the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein, has been able to capture an award for innovative digital patient care at the Digital Health Forum, in Berlin, Germany. The solution presented was E-health based interdisciplinary multimodal pain management (EB-IMST) using Buddy Healthcare’s care coordination platform.

A total of 14 cities and regions, networks and associations took part. A jury, consisting of eleven experts from the healthcare sector decided on the basis of a transparent evaluation grid for three winning projects with different priorities.

The Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein is also delighted about the award: "The award shows us that we are on the right track with EB-IMST. It motivates us to continue developing the program and to work towards funding this form of care," explained Prof. Dr Carla Nau, Director of the Clinic for Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine.

"By the way, EB-IMST is not only well received by our patients. There is also a great added value for the therapists involved due to the possibility of accompanying therapies from the home office."

Achieving the treatment goals of EB-IMST, improving quality of life and reducing pain-related impairments is meaningful and creates a high level of satisfaction for all involved.

When asked about hurdles in the project, Prof. Dr Nau tells HCM: "Hurdles arise primarily from the fact that such forms of therapy are not yet included in the EBM and therefore cannot be financed. Fortunately, the state of Schleswig-Holstein is currently funding parts of the program through the Care Security Fund."

We at Buddy Healthcare are proud to be partnered with such an excellent institution and look forward to our continued collaboration.

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