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BuddyCare has raised interest in this area and hospitals are looking for ways to automate and standardize their orthopedic care paths.

Hello buddies! Welcome back to Buddy Healthcare’s blog. If it’s your first time here, check out what we’ve been up to recently here and find out more about our BuddyCare solution and the company.

As we mentioned before, we have accomplished some positive results in the field of pediatric surgery, and we continue working on this together with our customers and partners. However, it’s also important for us to look into the fields outside of pediatrics, such as orthopedics. BuddyCare has raised interest in this area and hospitals are looking for ways to automate and standardize their orthopedic care paths.

Orthopedic procedures are expensive and the importance of recovery period after the operation is emphasized. However, the question, whether the surgery needs to be done at all must be addressed. And could it be avoided with thorough, remotely monitored and motivating rehabilitation period? Definitely. According to our experience, hospitals tackle with the challenge that they don’t have tools to monitor if patients are doing, for example, their physiotherapy exercises. On the other hand, patients might lack motivation to practise. Based on the data gathered from the patients during the rehab period either before or after a surgery, hospital personnel should be able to make decisions based on this data about the next steps and best possible pathways. This does not only potentially shorten the care paths but also reduces the amount of unnecessary hospital admissions. After all, the biggest benefit for everyone is that the patient gets healthy and back to normal daily activities as quickly as possible.

It would be great to hear what you think about it. Where would you see a good fit for BuddyCare outside of pediatric surgery? We’re looking forward to hearing your ideas!

In the next post, we’ll dive into post-surgical phase — how Buddy Healthcare facilitate recovery from the procedure and rehabilitation at home. We’ll talk a bit about the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) and Enhanced Recovery Protocols (ERP). Thanks for joining us again and stay tuned! Cheers!

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  • Sanna Kääriä says:

    Hienoa, että teidän sovelluksen lähtökohtana on koko leikkausprosessi. Kuntoutuksen ammattilaisena näen tärkeänä liittää myös kuntoutumisen seurannan kiinteästi osaksi prosessia. Esivalmistelun ja leikkauksen onnistuinen ei takaa asiakkaan toimintakyvyn palautumista tai paranemista, jos kuntoutumisen kannalta tärkeät harjoitteet jäävät tekemättä. Tämä pätee erityisesti ortopedisissä toimenpiteissä. Leikkauksen jälkeinen ohjaus ja neuvonta sekä kuntoutumisen seuranta olisi luonteva osa teidän sovellustanne. Hyvää jatkoa ja aurinkoista kesää teille kaikille.

    yst. Sanna Kääriä, TTT, fysioterapeutti

  • Peter Hänninen says:

    Hei Sanna! Kiitos hyvistä ajatuksista. Asia on juurikin näin. Olemmekin nyt aloittamassa asiakkaamme kanssa projektia, jossa nimenomaan keskitytään leikkauksen jälkeiseen ohjaukseen ja kuntoutuksen seurantaan. Tuloksia tästä projektista on odotettavissa syksyn puolella. Rentouttavaa ja aurinkoista kesää myös sinulle!

    Yst.terv. Peter Hänninen / Buddy Healthcare

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