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Icory Clinical Study - Digital Patient Journey Solution for Patients

The Icory Clinical Study is using Buddy Healthcare's care coordination and patient engagement platform with joint replacement patients. Our blog article is based on Pohjanpiiri, Oulu University Hospital's personnel magazine's article (pages 32-33).

University Hospitals, Universities and, Digital Health companies have co-created a mobile app to support joint replacement patients. Patients are currently testing the app as a part of the Icory study.

Oulu University Hospital's (OYS) Icory mobile app is a digital patient journey solution used on a mobile device. The patients are using the mobile application during the whole surgical care pathway, and the objective is to ensure a better patient experience for joint replacement patients.

When the Icory mobile app was in the co-creation phase, the project team had identified that it is crucial to create a unified communication channel between patients, family members, and healthcare professionals. The solution is expected to improve the collection and measurement of pain.

"Icory is an intelligent, customer-oriented, and personalized mobile care pathway for patients undergoing elective hip and knee arthroplasty surgeries," said Miia Jansson, Researcher from Oulu Faculty and Medicine.

The Icory clinical study started in September 2019, and the goal was to recruit 66 Patients Undergoing Elective Hip and Knee Arthroplasty due to Primary Osteoarthritis. Study Nurse Riitta Laitala from Oulu University Hospital, is recruiting and measuring the patients at the beginning and guiding with the app use. During the study, the patients have a chance to chat with Riitta, or they can also book a virtual care meeting through the app.

What is inside the app?

The patient can familiarize him-/herself to the phases of care through visual timeline representation of the care path, get information on how to prepare for surgery, receive reminders, fill in the questionnaire forms, communicate with care personnel via messaging functionality and video calls, and search information from frequently asked questions.


The application contains information about the preparation, forms for anamnesis, anesthesia and treatment follow-up, information videos and pictures, and timely and individually-tailored reminders, e.g., on when to stop eating and drinking before the surgery. Also, the application provides instructions on how to arrive at the treatment unit and comprehensive guidance for wound care and rehabilitation at home after the operation.

"Patients can read, listen, or watch all the instructions. Usability of the app is excellent" said Miia Jansson.

The app can improve communication and transparency

Deputy Chief, Orthopedist, Ari-Pekka Puhto from OYS, works as an Icory project manager. Dr. Puhto has identified that "With the use of a mobile app, the hospital can improve patient communication and transparency. The mobile app makes the surgical care pathway clearer for the patient. The platform also enables to collect medical or pre-questionnaires and patient feedback/ patient-reported experience measures (PREMs). The app makes the patient's care path clearer for the patient".

Many healthcare providers collect patient feedback or PREMs through one single questionnaire only at the very end of the care process covering the whole care path. With the mobile app, it is possible to collect patient feedback on the different steps of the care path.

The project team had concluded, "The app is increasing care quality and patient safety. We can prepare our patients better for their surgeries and reduce the last-minute surgery cancellations. Our goal is to streamline patient recovery, rehabilitation, and motivate the patients after surgery."

How long is the Icory clinical study?

The clinical study will last until spring 2020. The patients are using the Icory app straight after the surgery booking until the follow-up visit.

Designing the care path model

The research project group consisted of Oulu University Hospital, Oulu Faculty of Medicine, Oulu School of Economics, VTT, Tampere University, Helsinki University Hospital, and nine health technology companies. The co-creation started by reviewing the existing digital care path and identifying the needs of the joint replacement patients in Oulu University Hospital. The Icory project team created the care path model after research and analysis.

Miia Jansson described that the research project group interviewed 20 professionals, a joint replacement patient faces during his/her care path. The group of professionals, including surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, physiotherapists, and schedulers.

The research group interviewed, at the same time, also 20 patients. The research group interviewed patients 1) before the surgery, 2) during their recovery at the hospital or 3) while they were waiting for the follow-up visit.
After the background research was ready, the hospital's care personnel commented and reviewed it. After the reviewing process, the research team provided the analyzed results to the digital health companies who co-created the Icory solution for testing.

Benefits to the hospital?

Icory aims to improve the patient experience, but also, the impact analysis is expected to bring benefits to the hospital.
Dr. Puhto concludes The use of the mobile app can change ways of working, such as reducing the number of phone calls or paper format questionnaires at the hospital, especially if the platform can be integrated into an electronic patient record (EHR) system in the future.”

Miia Jansson has also evaluated that "hospital can guide a more significant number of patients at once, and number data entries may decrease. Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) feature could also be attached to the platform in the future."
"Research and studies have revealed that physiotherapy instructions work as well through the mobile device than face to face with the patient."

If you want to read the article in Finnish, click to OYS personnel magazine, Pohjanpiiri, and scroll down to page 32. Click here ClinicalTrials.gov's website's presentation to learn more about the Icory Study.

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Icory is Intelligent Customer-driven Solution for Orthopedic and Pediatric Surgery Care. The image is not related to the Icory study.

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