Mainz Hackathon: On Board(ing) Patients with Digitally Integrated Care Pathways

From June 20th- 22nd 2020, Buddy Healthcare, took part in the Healthcare Hackathon of University Medicine Mainz for the second time. Directing the event was CFO Dr. Elsner, with whom certain challenges of the existing processes in perioperative care had already been identified in the past.


Despite the COVID-19 crisis, UM's Gutenberg Health Hub, led by Dr. Hönig, organized a hybrid event in which hacker teams from different disciplines digitally identified problems and at the same time worked out solutions. Team Buddy Healthcare, together with our partner KARL STORZ, worked as Team 7 under the name #MEDAPPFLOW to work out a solution for the given problem. Last year, a mobile application (BuddyCare) was designed in the form of a UM white label solution as an aid to digital patient care.


This time, the problem was based on linking existing information technology systems with one another in order to optimize the medical technology workflow even more with the help of software and apps.


Since KARL STORZ offers intraoperative, digital solutions for the care of patients within the hospital information system and BuddyCare digitally accompanies patients before and after the operation, it made sense to find a way to connect these interfaces and to ensure a cohesive and secure flow of patient information. This would further optimize the existing process and improve patient outcomes and care providers' workload.


As part of a 2-day competition, an implementation of the intended solution was achieved and demonstrated live. In a simulation, patient data was successfully transmitted from the hospital system and securely to the BuddyCare app by KARL STORZ. Conversely, this data flow was also possible and ran smoothly. This resulted in a prototype with which it could be shown how patients can be optimally digitally managed and guided during their entire treatment process. All around the OR, for maximum patient compliance and improved patient management.


Team #MEDAPPFLOW was also happy to receive an award. Team 7 won a joint workshop together with @ AWS-DACH and a pilot of the joint integration project in two clinics of the University Medical Center Mainz.

Already on-board(ing) mock patients are the Urology departments under the lead of Elke Tafel-Stein, as well as the Maxillofacial Surgery clinic, headed by Prof. Al-Nawas and Dr. Müller. We are happy to envision potential future collaborations with Dr. Hasenburg of the Gynecology and Women’s Health Clinic as well as Prof. Dr. Galle of the department of Internal Medicine.

Read from our previous Mainz Healthcare Hackathon blog how Buddy Healthcare developed a digital care pathway for Cochlear Implant patients in 2019.


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