Latest feature updates to the BuddyCare Platform

The latest version of our product comes with new features and improvements and here are some highlights.


Question Evaluator Improvement

Our powerful forms setup comes with many features, including performing mathematical calculations and formulas on predefined internal values based on the user’s answers to the forms’ questions. 


The latest version of the Product comes with improvements on “Product (range)“ as an expression option of the Question Evaluator definitions on our Admin Panel.


Question evaluator in the care coordination platform


Care Unit Selection Upon Login

Our dashboard's super scalable and flexible setup enables one care personnel to access multiple care units with care unit-specific care pathways, forms, conversations, etc. Previously the care personnel was able to switch between different care units from the dashboard's accounts page. 


The latest version of the dashboard enables the care personnel to have the possibility of "Selecting the Care Unit" right after a successful login as well.

Care unit selection feature update in the care coordination platform


Important Dates Sorting Logic Improvement

Our easy to use mobile app for patients, comes with easily followable instructions (such as when to stop medications, how to do exercises with videos, etc.) and events (such as submitting forms, pain values picture of the wound, etc.) on specific dates and times; but among all those events there are some; which are considered as the most important ones, like appointments and procedures. Those important timeline events are listed under the "Important dates" item on the patient app's Menu page. 

The latest version of the patient app comes with improvements on that view; sorting the important dates under two tabs of "Upcoming" and "All", so that the user can easily focus only on upcoming ones under the "Upcoming" tab, and find the already passed ones under the "All" tab.


Merging All Forms of A Patient’s Care Pathway, into One PDF File

Our dashboard enables the care personnel (Nurses and Doctors) to easily collect the required information from the patients via standard and customizable forms. They are also able to download all the answered forms related to all the patients in an excel file, in addition to the possibility of downloading each single form in PDF format.

The new version of our dashboard enables the care personnel to “Download All the Answered Forms'' related to a patient’s care pathway in one PDF file as a part of the Patient Information Package.

Merging all forms into one PDF file feature update

Dashboard User Custom Title

Different care personnel have different roles and titles in a care unit. Being able to show those titles in their most accurate wording can be a plus when communicating with patients.

The new version of our dashboard comes with the “Custom User Title” feature; which enables the care personnel to assign custom titles to themselves; which will be shown in conversations views close to their full name when a message is sent by them.

Care personnel dashboard user custom title feature

Collecting information from patients feature


If you want to know more about our existing or new features, contact our team either via or our chat. We are also happy to showcase the platform to you; book your free demo through this link.